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Mark Synnot - AMGA Certified Rock Guide
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Rock Guide

Climbing Magazine

“Biting off More Than You Can Chew,” Perspective on risk and experience (143) p.176

“Arctic Education,” Feature on Baffin Island (158) p.94

“By Hook & By Crook,” Feature on New Hampshire aid walls (170) p.58

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“Clean as Can Be: Hammerless Aid Techniques,” Technique (152) p.152

“Everest By ‘Fair Means’ Takes a Toll,” Feature on historic Messner-Habeler split (179)p. 58

“Never Say Never,” Feature on New Hampshire ice (174) p.94

“The Maestri Enigma,” Feature on controversial first ascent of Cerro Torre (185)p. 72

“Hot Seat,” Profile of Jared Ogden (168) p.30

“Second Semester,” Feature on Baffin Island first ascent (169)p. 85

“Sharp-footed” feature on selecting crampons (184,1999 annual gear guide)p.58

“Ship of Fools,” Feature on Shipton Spire (183) p.70

“A Tough Act to Follow – Charlie Porter’s Wilderness of Pain: Baffin Island,” Feature (174) p.56

“The Book of Yosemite,” feature, interviews of Yosemite climbers (#203, May 2001) p. 76

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“Dreaming the Big,” feature, personal perspective on big walls (special issue, 2001) p.110

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“Enduring Patagonia,” book review (#209, Feb.2002) p.100

“Fulfilling Prophecies,” feature on Cameroon first ascent (#200, Feb. 2001) p.??

“Monsters of Rock,” feature guide to Trango Tower area (#??) p.??

Vallee Freissenieres Ice: High and Wild guide to French ice climbing Mecca (#201) p.52

Flashback: VMC Direct Direct (#??)

How to Climb: Stackpole book series review (#?)

Peter Potterfield book review

“Lou Dawson- First Tracks,” profile of ski mountaineer (#144, May-June 1994) p.168

“Just Out -- Metolius Easy Aider,” (#213, June 2002) p.101

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Unlimited Magazine

“The Drop Zone,” feature on base jumping event (summer 1997) p.18

“The American Everest,” feature on Mt. Ranier ascent (winter 2001) p.56

“The Maine Event,” feature on sea kayaking trip (spring 2001) p.52

“Playing the Slots,” feature on canyoneering in Zion (spring 1999) p.58

“Steep Freeze,” feature on ice climbing in Canadian Rockies (winter 1999) p.46

“Hole New World,” feature on caving in Tennessee (fall 2001) p.58

“The Kite Stuff,” feature on kite boarding in Hatteras, Maui (spring 2000) p.60

“Let’s Rock,” feature on rock climbing in Tuolumne (premier issue, fall 1996) p.76

“Air Heads,” feature on paragliding in Baja (spring 1998) p.82

“Snow Surrender,” feature on Colorado backcountry skiing (winter 2000) p.58

“High & Mighty,” feature on ski mountaineering in Canadian Rockies (winter 2002) p.70

“The Wet Set,” feature on white water canoeing in West Virginia (spring 2002) p.74

“High Anxiety,” feature on slacklining in Joshua Tree National Park (summer 2002) p.44

“One Fall Swoop,” feature on hiking and climbing in New Hampshire (fall 2002) p.56

Outside Magazine

“Spires of the Bugaboos,” destinations feature on climbing in the Bugs (Aug. 2001) p.96

“Alpine Chic – Titanium Ice Axe,” review (??)

“Hanging at the Tasty Freeze,” ice gear test/review (Feb. 2001) p.81

“Waste Not, Want Not,” dispatch on Cirque of the Unclimbables (Aug. 2000) p.40

“The Ascent of Bag - Backpacking’s Upright Evolution,” history of packs (April 2002) p.84

“Mars on Ice,” destination article on Iceland (June 2002) p.42

National Geographic Adventure

“The Eastern Edge,” destination article on rock climbing in Acadia (Oct. 2000) p.36

SnoWorld Magazine

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Middlebury Magazine

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Explorer’s Journal

“Brave New Worlds,” feature on Great Trango Tower ascent (vol.77,#4, winter 1999/2000)

Jannu article

Desnivel (Spain)

“Cara Noroeste de la Gran Torre de Trango,” feature on Great Trango ascent (Enero 2000) p.28

Montagne (France)

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Pat Ament, Ragged Mountain Press p.160

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